Ultraman Gaia – The Battle in Hyperspace




In a change from previous Ultraman movies, this one takes place in our own universe, in which Ultraman is just a popular kids’ TV show. A young boy (and Ultraman addict) named Tsutomu finds a mysterious glowing ball that tells him it can make wishes come true. The one thing Tsutomu wants more than anything else is to meet Gamu, Ultraman’s human counterpart, so he can give the boy some pointers on standing up to the school bully. Unfortunately, the bully finds the wishing ball and wishes for a giant monster to appear and start stomping around their suburban Tokyo neighborhood. Gamu and the Science Patrol team must then find a way to open a gateway between the two universes to stop the monster and try to help Tsutomu with his personal problems. (Jean-Marc Rocher  – IMDB)

DIRECTOR: Kazuya Konaka

PRODUCER: Kiyoshi Suzu


Hiroshi Tsuburaya
Takeshi Yoshioka
Hiroyuki Watanabe
Takashi Ukaji
Maria Theresa Gow