The Dead Inside (Infected)

The Dead Inside (Infected)


It’s the weekend, and the lads are off on the town! What could possibly go wrong? How about the end of the world as we know it. ‘Something’ has happened, the undead are out in force, roaming the streets and devouring all who get in their way. Several groups of unlikely people find themselves trapped together in an emergency rescue centre, but no rescue is coming! So as the country goes to hell overnight, and the reality sinks in, how and what will these people do to survive.


Luke Hobson
Nicky Paul Barton
Roger Fowler
Samuel Hogarth
David Wayman
James Harrison
Simon Mathews
Elizabeth Quinn
Abby Simpson
Simon Nader
James Callas Ball
Stuart J. Prowse


Genre: Action | Horror | Sci-Fi
Country: UK
Language: English
Production Co: Hundy Gilbert Media
Runtime: 116 min