Night of the Flesh Eaters

Night of the Flesh Eaters


On the most evil night of the year, a beautiful blond woman and ruggedly handsome archeologist hitman find themselves trapped in a forest haunted by bizarre flesh eating Native American demon zombies. As they flee the woman’s crime boss husband, who seeks to murder them for their illicit love affair, their car is destroyed in a head-on collision with one of the demons, a Stone Man. The blond woman and assassin must escape the perils of the dark and evil forest, on foot, without becoming demon food or getting themselves slaughtered by the woman’s vengeful, fat cat husband.


James Lemire
Gia Franzia
David Rosenhaus
Jessica Alexandra Green
Fred Stoverink
J.R. McGarrity
Erick Daman


Genres – Comedy / Horror
Country – USA
Language – English
Release Date – 1 October 2008
Runtime – 82 minutes