Let It Snow


A self-defined Grinch, Stephanie begins her stay at Snow Valley Lodge immune to Christmas sentiment. But as the lodge’s festive traditions provide the Christmas Stephanie never had growing up with her distant father, Stephanie finds herself enjoying every minute. To complicate her professional duties even further, the combative feelings she felt toward Brady turn into romantic ones. With Stephanie’s newfound Christmas spirit and unexpected holiday romance, she begins to question Falcon’s overhaul. As her Christmas Eve deadline approaches, she’s faced with a decision: should she transform the lodge into a new winter hot spot or embrace tradition and let it snow?


Harvey Frost


Harvey Frost, Jim Head


Candace Cameron Bure

Jesse Hutch

Alan Thicke

Gabrielle Rose

Dan Willmott

Alison Thornton

Samantha Ferris

Connor Christopher Levins

John Innes

Meredith McGeachie