Ghost Boat



A British Sub goes missing at the end of the war leaving only one crew member surviving. Everyone believes it lost to the bottom of the Baltic Sea, then 40 years later it reappears without a crew. The British government send for the the surviving crew member (David Jason) now a marine biologist. With a new crew and Jason then proceed to trace the last know happenings on the sub. But this submarine has a life of its own and the new crew soon start showing characteristics of the old crew.


David Jason
Ian Puleston-Davies
Tony Haygarth
Julian Wadham
James Laurenson
Robert Whitelock
Crispin Bonham-Carter
Jamie Martin
Roger Evans
Robert Horwell
Jonathan Cullen
Alan Stocks
Lee Whitlock
Ricky Nixon
Ian Targett


Genre – Drama | Mystery | Thriller
Country – UK
Language – English
Release Date – 9 April 2006 (UK)
Production Company – Yorkshire Television (YTV)
Runtime – 111 minutes